Financial Associations

The financial associates section of your credit report contains details about the people you have financial links with, and is created when you apply for credit with another person. For example, when buying a house with your partner, or when applying for a joint bank account. If you include your partner's name on a credit application this will also create a financial association.

Although the name of the person you have the financial connection with will appear on any copies of your credit report sent to you, it will not contain any financial information about them. However, lenders will be able view the financial information of any of your financial associates (for example, if they are up to date with their payments and what type of credit they have) and may take account of this when you apply for credit. Likewise, when your associates apply for credit, lenders may view your data.

How Long is This Data Held on Your Credit Report?

Financial associations will remain on your credit report indefinitely (even after any credit agreements are closed), although you can request a notice of disassociation to end the financial connection between you. See here for details of how to do this.