Amending Linked Addresses

A credit report will include details of all the addresses you have lived at during the past 6 years, and may also include other addresses, such as previous homes linked to you. An address link on a credit report is created when:

  • a lender receives a credit application that includes more than one address
  • a lender changes the address on a credit account
  • you apply for a credit report and provide new information regarding previous addresses

If your credit report shows that you are linked to an address you have no connection with you should contact the Credit Reference Agencies (Equifax, CallCredit and Experian) and request that they contact the company that provided the information and delete the link if appropriate.

It is important to note that lenders carry out credit checks on people, rather than addresses; and so information about previous occupants of your home is not retrieved and can have no bearing on your creditworthiness. In addition, unless you have a financial association, current members of your household will have no effect on your credit report.